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From time to time we get an email asking why our rating isn’t perfect (or even green at all for that matter) since we promise we can do such a thing for you… Great question!

First off, many of you already can figure out why that wouldn’t work out too well for us. For starters, do you think mywot would allow too many positive ratings for a website who publicizes how easy it is to manipulate a mywot scorecard? We’ve had several people come to who posted a positive comment about our services on only to have it removed. In short, that’s exactly why we don’t improve our own website, eventually, all of the user accounts we’ve acquired over the years, used to improve our wot rating, would be banned.

I recently got an email stating if we can answer one users comments about our services on our wot scorecard, he’d be interested in our services, but only if we can truly come up with legitimate responses to his list of issues. I figured if anyone else is thinking the same thing, we may lose a customer, so why not share it with everyone…

Sells fake Web of Trust ratings, votes, and comments. Problems:
1. WoT member accounts which spam scorecards get banned.
2. Companies buying fake WoT ratings get bad WoT ratings.
3. Spammers get your money; you get a negative return.
4. Your personal data is collected over an unsecured connection.
5. These people know all this and simply regard you as prey.
6. If their tricks were effective, they could turn this scorecard green.

Risks: tracking and spam, credit card fraud, identity theft.
Do not provide any financial or personal data.

1: Wot member accounts which spam scorecards get banned.
True, but who says we spam? We don’t go in and mass rate or spam comment. Real people login, rate a website, post an intelligent comment related to the applicable website, and then log out. That user account isn’t used again for some time (again we have several thousand users – almost 5000 users currently and growing). To date, has never caught or banned a single account controlled by us, We simply do not get caught and we ensure our customers never get caught.

2: Companies buying fake WoT ratings get bad WoT ratings.
True, but how does MyWOT know who gets them from us and who gets them from any other human? Again, it’s all done with real humans! No scripts or bots… has never and I mean never caught 1 of our users accounts. Our system is simply that concrete! I know mywot has to hate that matter of fact, and they will use some of their people to try to distort this absolute fact, but the fact of the matter is, they can’t catch on to what we do. We simply do as we promise, which is to improve your wot rating!

3: Spammers get your money; you get a negative return.
Not sure how to answer this incoherent statement. Perhaps this user needs to look into the word spammer. We offer a service, and follow through on our promise each and every time. We have a 100% success rate! You get exactly what your ordered with us, and it’s certainly not a negative return. Unless of course getting a positive rating from us is looked upon as negative… Obviously this user looks at it as negative; it’s pretty clear he’s not happy at the fact that we can improve someone’s wot rating and succeed at doing it 100% of the time.

4: Your personal data is collected over an unsecured connection.
Simply put, this isn’t true. You can login as a guest if you want, payment is via paypal. There’s no personal data needed, ever! It’s this type of smear that shows this user isn’t really looking out for you, he’s either┬ádelusional or maybe a paid employee of mywot. I don’t understand why he would outright lie to you, but that’s the route he chose to take…

5: These people know all this and simply regard you as prey.
Know what? I’m not sure what “all this” means or relates to… If he’s referring to the 4 previous statements, see the above 4 replies… Not much more to add to this; it sort of seems like he’s reaching on this one!

6: If their tricks were effective, they could turn this scorecard green.
Come on, is there anyone who really think that would be a good idea on our part? Sure we could improve our rating, but it would be short lived. The people at MyWot monitor our ratings, comments and so on. They actively tried to get us to rate our own website just to see if they could learn how we’re doing it or perhaps some of the users we control. MyWoT people have tried to push us around early on and still do; they’ve even threatened us before. We’re notch budging and they know that. They have dared us to improve our own scorecard, and for good reason. They’re desperately trying to figure out how we’re doing this so effectively and at such a good price. When you can improve a website rating 100% of the time, it’s got to drive the people who claim this can’t be done a little nuts.

As far as his list of “risks” none hold any water. Our tracking goes as far as google analytics. Mywot themselves do more targeting and tracking than we would ever do, period! We are limited to what nearly all websites use, google analtyics, unlike, that uses various tracking methods. Spam, again this user needs to learn what spam is before suggesting someone spams. Since spam doesn’t mean providing a service with 100% success at improving wot ratings, then there’s not more to add other than, we’re not spamming. Credit card fraud and identity theft is simply impossible. Our payments go through paypal on There’s simply no risk at all, which has to bug this user, and truthfully, it makes him dishonest.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this response to a top level member’s claim. We’re not sure if he’s an employee or paid party of, perhaps, simply because it’s very similar to what the owner stated, as well as the owner of, who actively work together to build credibility to both of their brands/websites.

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