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Were you attacked on Lets face it, if you were attacked on mywot, following mywot’s own strategy of improving your wot rating will usually only further hurt your rating. Mywot suggests that you go to the people who already rated you poorly and ask them for advice. This almost always results in that member posting a message on their board for others to rate your website poorly. In short, what mywot suggest doesn’t work! Below, we’ll go over what to do and what not to do if you were attacked on mywot.

What to do & What not to do


Do not ask MyWot members to rate your Website

It’s suggested that you should ask members of the mywot community to rate your website. This is never a good idea. Too many members of mywot get off by trashing a website unfairly. All they’re trying to do is get the owner of the website in a panic. They’re not interested in giving fair review, instead they want to see how mad they can get you, especially since mywot supports and endorses this sort of behavior. If you don’t think that’s the case, why do they allow every member to disguise and/or hide their identity.

Ask satisfied customers to rate your website & leave a comment

Ask happy customers or clients to rate your website. We suggest having them rate/review your website on a few different rating and review websites. Make it easy for them, send an email saying thanks again, and leave 1 or 2 links to a rating/review website. Ask that if they had a good experience to help spread the word by giving us a good review.

Don’t go to sites like fiverr to get mywot ratings

Face it, for 5 bucks or so, what do you really expect? You’re not going to get much out a single rating or even multiple low level ratings. Moreover, rumor has it mywot people have used sites like these to trap people. Once you submit your URL or the URL of your scorecard, if they aren’t sincere in improving your website rating, that info is out there that you tried to pay for ratings.

Do not create new users to rate your own website

Mywot has various tracking and monitor techniques to catch such behavior. Even if you have no rating at all and just looking to get an easy green rating, creating your own new users won’t help. The only users that really make an impact are seasoned mywot users. We have been creating mywot users over the last several years and building up their rating power over that span. New users have no rating power. However, we have wot users ranging from new to high level, and we’ll use them to rate your website methodically to ensure everything looks normal and natural. We also use several trade secret techniques that ensures mywot cannot catch us rating your website. To date, we have never had one of our users caught rating a client’s website.

Do use

Not a single customer of ours has been outed. We ensure information like your URL and the trouble you’re having on mywot is confidential. We also have a proven track record of improving mywot ratings. Using our WOT rating services, you can rest assure you’re in the best possible hands to help you improve your wot rating. No one at Fiverr or any other discount site have thousands of mywot users available to rate your website, including high level users. We even have access to a few platinum members willing to rate your website. You won’t find that anywhere else!

In short, as soon as you are attacked on mywot or ready to improve your mywot rating, get in touch with us. We’ll help you improve your wot rating, and with a 100% success rate, you can rest assure we’ll get the job done.


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