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We thought we’d post a nice review of our own from a customer who was brutally attacked on Mywot. This customer of ours tried to get their website ratings changed on Mywot, following Mywot’s guide on how to do so. But as most of you know, this only creates a pile on of several users attacking a website, most ratings are coming from people who never even visit the website they’re rating. It’s truly a sad thing and if not blatantly dishonest, it’s certainly a rating system that cannot be trusted.

Well anyways, we already know their ratings cannot be trusted, but the point of this post is to publish a little publicity from our customer. We won’t give any identifiable info out, but this customer stated how if we can really improve his rating he’ll go out of his way to post positive ratings about us. Well we held up our end of the bargain and so did he. Below is his review:

improve rating on mywot

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