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We’ve had several emails requesting wot accounts for sale, and while we see the potential to make some good money, especially for high level user accounts, it’s a short term option. Some of our wot user accounts are several years old, these are accounts that we’ve been building up, using to rate websites daily, whether it was on or by way of their wot rating tool. These high level wot accounts are now used to rate our customer’s websites. Selling these accounts would not allow us to do custom campaigns, which we use our highest level accounts for such services.

In short, while we have a decent amount of accounts (several thousand) we can’t afford to sell them, we need them for our customers. Our customers are our focus, some of which are mom and pop owners who were unfairly attacked and some are PR & reputation companies having us improve their clients wot rating white label or silently. No matter who they are, if they come to us to improve a mywot scorecard rating, then we want to deliver and improve their wot rating.

If we had any wot user accounts to sell, they would be low level user accounts, and lets face it, no one really wants a fairly new wot user account. Based on the several dozen emails we’ve received over the last several days is that the demand is high level wot user accounts for sale. Unfortunately, we need them too, and quite frankly, we have too much invested in each of them to just sell them off. The demand is out there, so much so we’ve had 2 parties interested in buying our website and all our wot user accounts, but the offer just wasn’t right!

It’s sad that mywot has allowed it’s users to be so shamefully unethical, where mywot encourages people to rate websites poorly. They do this by not having any safeguards in place to stop a users from unfairly attacking a website. Mywot allows it’s users to hide behind the cover of the net, allowing people, whether it be some internet troll or competitor, to just attack a website without even having to visit the website, let alone use the products or services offered. This alone is what brought the need for buying wot user accounts. Our website and mywot user accounts would not have the value it does if it weren’t for this bully like rating website. Luckily, we can help! So if you need to improve your wot rating, you came to the right place, just contact us, so we can get started for you.

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