0 Comments is a website that uses a community of “raters” to rate the trust of various websites. On the surface, this seems like a perfectly good idea…

First lets be clear, on a global scale, very few people even know about The number of members publicizes is likely the total of sign ups, but not real human users… We alone, ( created over 4000 and counting users on mywot. We didn’t get 4000 people to sign up to; instead roughly 15 people created 4000+ users over the last several years. WOT has a vested interest to show off these greatly inflated numbers because it makes them look bigger than they really are or more popular than they could have ever hoped. So for this reason alone, WOT doesn’t mind people creating 100s or even 1000s of users. Regardless of what they say, they truly do not care whether or not you create 100′s of users. The only way they care about this abuse is if you rate against the paid employees of, expose their scheme or do what we did: created users (1000s of mywot users), rated them like the paid members for years, increased our rating power and now use these thousands of users to improve a website rating like yours!

So, to stifle free thought, fair ratings and fair reviews, WOT created a rating system that punishes a new user for rating differently than that of a paid member of A new user’s rating power goes up, the more that new user rates a website just like the paid members rate them. If a new user rates differently, then their rating power goes down or remains completely insignificant. Who are these paid wot users? They are typically “WOT platinum members” or “super users”. Ultimately, if they are high ranking users, there’s a good chance they are wot user accounts controlled by By creating a rating system like this, they succeed at creating a “piling on” or “attack” of any given website with only a few paid employees. Simply put, the paid employees mass rate, lower rating users follow their lead (because it increases their rating power to follow), and thus the complaint often associated with is that everyone gangs up and attacks a website. This is actually a fair description of how people are attacked on

In short, don’t be fooled by their scheme. Their ratings are designed to attack a website and pile on the bad and/or negative ratings. We, however, can combat that sort of thing because quietly over the years we’ve been playing their game, building up our 1000′s of wot users, and now we can help you improve your WOT Rating.

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