June, 2014

Online Reputation


Don’t think for a second that someone cannot attack your rating on mywot.com! A company like Reputation Hitman can both improve someone’s reputation, if someone is willing to pay for such a service, or attack a website reputation, if someone is willing to pay for it. There are multiple companies out there that do both! … Continue readings

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MyWot.com is a website that uses a community of “raters” to rate the trust of various websites. On the surface, this seems like a perfectly good idea… First lets be clear, on a global scale, very few people even know about mywot.com. The number of members mywot.com publicizes is likely the total of sign ups, … Continue readings

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WOT Ratings Service


Welcome to WOTratings.com! If you’re here, you were probably attacked by users on mywot.com. Whether they are spammers or malicious wot users who trashed your website for fun, just to see if they can get you to react, or a competitor hoping to drum up some extra business, we can help turn your poor wot … Continue readings

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